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TREEDK, modern dental clinic in the center of Opava

every smile

quality dentistry for teeth that will last a lifetime

every smile

quality dentistry for teeth that will last a lifetime
About Us and services

Dentistry for teeth that will last a lifetime

Our treatments are painless. We use state of the art technology and treat our patients’ teeth with the utmost care.


Restorative Dentistry

We use aesthetic white fillings, so we don’t have to remove too much of the healthy tooth structure.


We can fit you for all-ceramic crowns, bridges and other types of dentures. You can’t tell the difference from real teeth.

Paediatric Dentistry

We are happy to treat children. Every check-up is painless and gentle.

Root Canal Treatment

Tooth extraction is the last resort. When possible, we try to save your tooth by performing a root canal first.

Preventive Care and Dental Hygiene

Prevention is always easier, cheaper and more effective than treatment alone. We will teach you how to best care for your teeth.

Dental Surgery

Even oral surgery procedures can be carried out in a gentle, sensitive manner.


Using state-of-the-art procedures, we return the smile to those patients who have long forgotten to laugh because of their teeth.

General anesthesia

While you are happy to sleep, we will treat your teeth under the guidance of an experienced anesthesiologist.


and technology

Thanks to modern technologies, we can offer high-level treatments.

3D rentgen/CT

Better visualization enables better diagnostics. Thanks to technological innovations in the field of radiology, we are able to create a three-dimensional image that reveals every pathological change in teeth, but also in adjacent tissues. This will keep your teeth under control from all angles.

3D rentgen/CT


With the help of dental implants, we are able to replace a missing tooth without the need to intervene in the remaining teeth.



God is in detail. This is the case in architecture and dentistry. With the microscope we are able to handle even the smallest details.


Dental Radiography

X-ray images help us detect tooth decay and other oral diseases. We use a digital x-ray machine that requires minimal radiation.

Rentgenologické vyšetření

Dental Magnifying Lenses

Precision is necessary when working with teeth. Dental magnifying lenses help us achieve this precision.

Lupové brýle

Dental Unit

Our modern dental unit is made in Germany by Sirona. This dental unit offers maximum comfort for both patient and dentist, even during longer dental procedures.

Zubní souprava

Inhalation analgesic

Helps patients overcome any fear they might have about their dental treatment and can be used in both children and adults. It is completely safe and comfortable. Administration is non-invasive and pain-free – you only need to inhale the gas.


ZIRC System

A colour code system helps us work with instruments more easily during treatment as well as sterilization.

Systém ZIRC

Air Flow

The latest generation of sanding device used for the efficient removal of pigmentation caused by drinking coffee, tea or smoking.

Air Flow

Virtual reality

Let yourself be immersed in the world of virtual reality in TREEDK.

Virtuální realita


our advantages

Dentistry for teeth
that will last a lifetime

Modern and friendly environment
Appointments for a specific time – no waiting
Painless treatment
Continuous education is our priority
All instruments are subject to meticulous sterilization
Individual, patient-as-partner approach to every client